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How To Buy
Easy to install. Easy to configure. Easy to use.

End User Installable

  • Just take it out of the box
  • Plug it in
  • Connect your telephone lines
  • Power up the system

Straightforward Configuration

  • Windows based Configuration software
  • Aural Assistant step by step configuration wizard for the configuration software
  • Remote Management for Dealers

Intuitive Use

  • Designed for the end user
  • Accessible telephone features
  • Easy access to features




  • The Aural 30 is expandable to 32-ports. As your business grows, so does the Aural 30.


  • Simply add another FXO card: with each new FXO card you can add up to four more lines.
  • Simply add another FSX card: with each new FXS card you can add up to 4 more Key Telephone
    Sets or Single Line Telephones.


  • The Aural VoIP extension allows multiple Aural 30s to connect through the Internet, allowing business to transcend borders.


Compact and complete

The Aural 30’s base package includes all the features a business needs for an adaptable and mobile communications system. Your new PBX will come to you ready to work, directly out of the box.

One Complete 4/4 Base System

  • 4 Incoming Line/Trunk Ports
  • 4 Internal Extension/ Subscriber Ports
  • Remote Extensions for all phones
  • Built in Digital Auto Attendant
  • Feature Rich Voicemail with System Directory
  • User friendly Graphical User Interface Configuration Software
  • Innovative VOIP technology: Extensions-Anywhere*
  • Multi-location VOIP trunks*

Add a Key Telephone or a Single Line Telephones to any Extension Port

  • Full Feature Large 4-line Display Key Telephone
  • Single Line Telephone with Speaker Phone and message wait lamp

The Aral 30 is a Fully Loaded Small Business System at an attractive cost, with a smart look and feel.

* Future product upgrade / requires broadband connection

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